The high profile corruption trial involving the Penang Undersea Tunnel that implicated DAP supremo Lim Guan Eng shall commence at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court from June 8 to June 11.

Subsequent trial dates are: July 12-16, July 28 and 29, August 16 and 20, September 6-10, September 20-24 and December 13-17.

December 21 last year, Judge Azura Alwi also announced that dates were also set for July through December 2021, with a total of 31 days scheduled.

Initially, Deputy Public Prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin told the court that the prosecution expects to call 80 to 90 witnesses to testify in the trial. However, during case management on March 29, the DPP told the court that some 125 prosecution witnesses, including several State Exco Members, will be placed on standby to testify.

“The prosecution has also handed over all the documents relating to the case to the defence,” said DPP Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin. “Some of the documents that were handed over include a telephone forensics report, a financial analysis report from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and expert reports on the projects involved.”

Justice must be done. And justice must be seen to be done.

Taking a cue from Washington Post that runs a motif that saysDemocracy dies in darkness, I have decided to curate a Factsheet Special Page to share published information related to the trial.

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Will Lim’s corruption trial affect the chances on the Penang State Government in GE15? Will it negatively impact DAP nationwide? Will the populace believe Lim’s contention that it’s purely political persecution? The verdict is still out for now.

The Penang Undersea Tunnel Trial Series:

  1. Zenith live on BFM89.9 records way back in 2013 & 2016
  2. Multiple charges against Lim Guan Eng
  3. 125 prosecution witnesses now, including several State Excos


The Penang Undersea Tunnel trial

民主行动党党要林冠英涉及槟州海底隧道案件,将于 2021 年 6 月 8 日至 6 月 11 日在吉隆坡地方法庭开审。

去年 12 月 21 日,地庭法官阿祖拉阿尔维宣布,法庭也定期 2021 年 7 月至 12 月之间续审,审期共计 31 天。

副检察官万沙哈鲁丁也禀告诉法庭,控方预将召集 80 至 90 名证人出庭作证。


《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)秉持的理念这么写:“民主会在黑暗中死亡“。基于同一个理念,我决定亲自策展这个以实据为基础的专页,借以伸张这宗涉贪的高调案件审判过程,无惧无私地与读者分享正确的案情信息。





1)2013 及 2016 年槟州特许发展商 Zenith 集团主管电台特访录音


3)控方证人增至 125 人,包括数名槟州行政议员