Let’s connect the dots!

Just my random thoughts about so many things that matter to me in life.

I’ll try my level best to present this blog site in three languages – namely Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese – that had coloured my mode of interaction with the constituents in my neighbourhood both online and in real-life.

This site (www.jeffooi.com) also serves as the gateway into my digital real estate.

On the social network, you may visit me at the following sites:

  1. Facebook (Chinese) – Facebook.com/MPJelutong ( 摆渡人 )
  2. Facebook (English) – Facebook.com/jeff001 ( Jeff Ooi )
  3. Facebook Page: Facebook.com/Jeff4Malaysia
  4. Instagram: Jeff4Malaysia
  5. Twitter: Jeff4Malaysia
  6. Videos: Jeff’s Talk Shop ( 摆渡人讲堂 )
  7. Photography: Jeff’s Lens Travels
  8. Podcast:
    1. https://anchor.fm/jeffooi
    2. https://open.spotify.com/show/7FVjto4kOgdmyxfRFeAQEN

Besides, I do have indulgence in expressive domains for photography:

  1. Jeff’s 500px
  2. Jeff’s Lens Travels
  3. Jeff’s Photo Gallery

Or contact me via the traditional channels:

  1. Email: jeff001 at jeffooi dot com
  2. Text: +6012-2956-356 (Truecaller activated)

Here are my FB Messenger Code and QR Code, respectively, for your quick linking to my sites and contacts.