Mongolia: Tsagaannuur – Gateway to East Taiga

Jeff Ooi’s Lens Travels #7: VIDEO – Lake Khuvsgul, Mongolia, September 2019.

East Taiga is the region in northwest Mongolia when the Tsagaan Nomads live. We flew in from Ulaanbaatar to Murun, made our way overland to Ulaan Nuur half-way house near Tugul, rested and continued the journey the following morning to Tsagaan Nuur, the last post before entering East Taiga.

It’s here we changed over to the iconic Russian 4WD… and received a surprise package thanks to the rains.

Our vehicle was stuck in the mud in the wilderness, and we were plunged into an 18-hour ordeal, though in safe haven.Come learn from us this out-of-textbook experience!


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